Why Do Some Ghanaian Girls Find It Fun To Be Shashees/ Hoes/ Whores/ Prostitutes?

Whats up everyone? I am back again. I am really starting to think that,  some Ghanaian girls have the ability of not having the ability to feel shame about what they do. In short, they are shameless.

Let me tell you a story:
Well, there were two girls living in the same community with me. Lets call them Akosua and Akweley for purposes of this writing but those are not their real names though.. I had never spoken to them before, but anytime I was walking with a friend, who had come into close contact with them. My friend would mutter under his breath, very abusive words against those girls. I heard, they were the hood whores, who offered sexual favors to men for money.

In Dec 2013,  one of them,  Akosua moved from the hood because her whore mongering could no longer pay for her rented single room, and she had been caught several times with different men (married men were no exception) and got involved in several street fights with partners of her clients.. All these factors booted her out from the neighborhood..

Recently, an issue took place in the neighborhood with Akweley. I was walking, minding my business and then, this gorilla (Lord Forgive Me) with no job, and who still lives with his mother,  started wolf- whistling for Akweley to stop.  She did not stop and then the dude started dissing her with a lot of hurtful words associated with sex..

I saw the whole incident, and then I took a detour and headed in the direction, Akweley was taking. That was the first time, I was going to talk to her but I had to. She was surprised at me walking up to her, because she probably heard i don’t talk to trash Ghanaian girls like her.. (Pardon Me) She attempted to wash the guilt and shame of what she does, but telling me she had a child at age 19, and there was no stable man in her life to take care of her. She was also embarrassed to be living with her mother at age 22,  who is really struggling to help her take care of her son..

It was so disheartening and if you looked up the words: shame and disgrace, her name should be have been a synonym..

But what I don’t get is why some Ghanaian girls think, its funny, to be in such an embarrassing position, where they are only thought of and used as a piece of garbage. Many Ghanaian men want nothing else to do with Ghanaian girls than to fuck them and that’s it.
Many Ghanaian girls paint that picture of being sexual objects to satisfy a man’s pleasure, and they accept such mentality about themselves, and then try to laugh and giggle their way through,  such very ignorant things they do on a daily basis, and then they get laughed at on Social Media, with their nude pictures and sex tapes all over the internet.. But unfortunately, they don’t see it this way.. It is very, very sad and pathetic..


New Year And Cutting Cancerous Friendships

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”– Albert Camus

2014. 2014 is here and whether we like it or yes, another year has come. This year, I resolved not to write any new year resolutions because, after all, the truth is we never really accomplish all the resolutions we write down. We don’t follow it to  the end. The resolutions about losing weight, chasing dreams, stop following and spending on women, stop chasing men etc etc are not followed through to the latter. So why bother? Why waste precious time to sit down, scribble those rules which later become like a personal prison where a brother wants to break free from? Oh well, I guess its just a yearly ritual..

I have been somehow quiet of late. A state of mind between shutting up and being the talkative. A friend whispered into my ears recently to stop “Kim Kardasianing” on Facebook (Comedy) and talk about the real social issues- his words though, not mine.

I have been quiet, just observing and I feel like some sort of negativity is creeping into me. It is gradually eating me up and weighing me down. Its source is from a few people in my life who always complain about their lives.  I am not talking about the occasional venting of frustrations. We all need to release our feelings of disappointments sometimes and we all experience ups and downs.  We all experience times of imbalance in relationships and we definitely have to talk to the people we love and trust for advice, moral support and prayers.

The negativity, i am talking about here is the type that blames everyone else or  their problems but themselves. When you try to show them alternative ways of doing things- they just brush you off and they carry on down the road of blaming everyone else.  Should you continue to open yourself up to them and listen to them, they mistake you for a dumping ground.  They take away your energy and joy.

Lately, I feel like all the ways I have to make myself happy (meditation, music, movies) are not helping me overcome the negativity. Anytime, I leave their presence, I feel drained of strength. They kill my vibe and my enthusiasm.. “They kill our confidence before the songs finish. But we was born winners” That is the best way to describe such friends..

So here is what I have done this year?  I have cut ties with such negative people. It is my first New Year resolution. I have realized, I need to politely eject myself from relationships that are not basically uplifting and supportive before I start to view life as a dark shadow and infect others with that bad outlook.

If you have a cancer growing on your body, you cut it off before the cancer spreads and destroys other parts of your body.  I think that sometimes you need to do the same with bad relationships before they contaminate your life, before you turn into someone you don’t want to be.
Let them talk. Say whatever they like. At the end of the day, it comes down to only one person. You! You are your biggest fan! The energy of the people in your life can have a serious effect on you, and it is not easy to dispel, the negative vibes and people. I feel happier 8 or 9 days after taking this bold decision.

You are the Company, you keep. Show me your friend and I will tell, your character. Remember when people are doing their worst to you, God is doing the great work within you. Don’t worry. Be Happy..

Thank you for reading and don’t keep your thoughts in your head. Share them below in the comment box.
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H For Haters: Delusional People

Delusional people (especially social media freaks) always want to talk about Haters. Delusion is living in a make believe fantasy world that you have created for yourself. It is a world where you are in total control, where you feel comfortable, where no one can judge you and if they do judge you, they aren’t telling you the truth. they are HATING 😦

I see people online all the time, shouting to their haters and shouting out to the people that don’t see them SHINE. You are not lying to me, Facebook or to the world. You are lying to yourself. These wannabe haters you are making noise about don’t exist, because in reality they see you for the real type of person you are, the biggest hater YOU have is YOURSELF.

IF you look in the mirror everyday and you think you see perfectness, you are delusional, and that is what wannabes do. They hate on themselves and spread hate to other people because, they take only what they want to hear in life. “The worst of all frauds is too cheat oneself”.

Let me be clear, nobody is perfect but the truth is, there are people on this planet who are doing better than you. I don’t care who you think you are, someone is more experienced, more intelligent, more spiritual, richer, stronger and faster than you and if you are trying to do better for yourself as a person, you will have to listen, observe the better person and learn. Stop whining and complaining.

What you want to hear is not what you always need to hear. What you need to hear is the truth. A harsh truth is never HATE. Habits can be broken and we can free ourselves from the “HATE” Prison we have built around ourselves. Nobody is hating on you. So wannabes, you can continue to pretend in your wannabe world or you can deal with reality. Some of you may even talk trash about everything you just read. I am okay if you do because the reality is “People cannot change the truth but “the truth can change people.

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The Wolves In Sheep Clothing.

africans in church

Yes! I am back again with my crazy rants. I think I should start this post with “Praise The Lord” and all of you will respond “Hallelujah”.
I just feel I gotta talk about this issue. Its about high time, Ghanaians start differentiating between REAL Pastors and the average Armed Robber. I am not a pastor. I am not a preacher. If you even dash me a church right now, I won’t take it because of some personal reasons. But this issue can not be ignored- I am not going to do that.

To become extremely rich in Ghana today, you have to either do blood money, online dating (419 Dating Scams), entertainment, politics, or become a Pastor. Everyday in Ghana, new churches are springing up with some very interesting names. They are everywhere- in the markets, on buses, on sidewalks preaching the Gospel.
The world is desperate for what to believe in. Ghanaians believe so much in signs and wonders. Any church where miracles are being performed, and young girls are promised husbands, everybody flocks there, and become blind, like sheep being led to an abattoir. In fact, I know some people, who change church, every 2 weeks.

Now! pause for a second to think, some pastors have convinced their entire congregation, that their reward/riches are in heaven, while these same pastors are busy amassing their own wealth, here on earth. You can’t be flying from country to country, and acquiring cars and houses, when the average member of your congregation cannot pay his rent or his children’s school fees. It does not work that way. Pastors are molesting and raping young girls and children, Pastors are involved in financial crimes (fraud) have shown that a good number of Ghanaian Pastors, have abused the trust that their congregation have in them.

When you go to church every Sunday, do not leave your brain at home. Know your pastor very well. Open your eyes. Some of these so called pastors, get their powers through Satanic means. Just because he is performing miracles and quoting Scriptures, doesn’t mean his powers are from God. I have said it and its the plain truth.

Some pastors even come on radio, televisions and battle themselves about “Who has more powers than who?” and all those other nonsense. Buy special handkerchiefs, give special offerings etc etc. Heaven does not have a bank account, take it or leave it. Angels do not come down to earth, and collect the money on God’s behalf. Human beings get to spend all the money you deposit into church, every Sunday. Remember that a Pastor is a human being, with blood flowing through his veins. He is not a semi god. He can be greedy and make mistakes too.

Jesus himself, warns us to “Be careful of false prophets. They come to you looking gentle like sheep, but they are really dangerous like wolves”. The church is not a business venture, or a social club, or a fashion show, or a profit making company. It is a meeting point of believers. A place to reach out to the Poor, Broken hearted, sick and marginalized in society. God is not stationed in any particular church. Where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there.
Ghanaians Need To Wake Up NOW!

I appreciate the fact that, you took some time to read this and share your thoughts in the comment box below. Follow me on twitter @isavedhersoul.. God Bless Us All.

How To Become A Musician In Ghana.

Everywhere I go, be it school, church, pub, public place- people are listening to music. Earpieces everywhere. Music is food for the soul and Music is Passion. I totally agree with the previous two thoughts. In Ghana though, the up and coming artistes can equal, the sand at the Labadi Beach. Everyday, new tracks, new links are posted on Facebook walls and pages. New CDs, Albums, Mixtapes.

In Ghana, music is not really commercially sold on the streets. Nobody will buy it. We always want free stuffs. The artistes daily breads’ relies heavily on personal investments (record labels, clothing lines), shows and endorsement deals from Brands <del>(Companies)</del> Sakordie is killing it, D-Black is doing his thing, Efya, Becca, D-Cryme, Samini, FOKN Bois, Bisa Kdei, 4X4, VIP and many more artistes are all lifting high the flag of Ghana worldwide

How to become like any of the above artistes is simple. Follow the steps below and trust me, You will be performing at Ghana Music Awards 2014.

1. Get A Cool Name.
Create a cool name. Instead of calling yourself Rebecca- make it Becca. Jane Awindor is too boring- be crafty (Efya) or maybe you love cartoons so much, so you can do with Captain Planet, Scooby Doo or something like that. Just be creative- Dee Money, D-Black, Joey B and Bisa Kdei (still boring to me), Okyeame Kwame. Errm, by the way, D’Banj’s real name is Dapo Oyebanjo. You get step one? Good!

2. Use Autotune
Seriously, If you don’t have the natural voice to sing, the White Man has developed something called “auto-tuning”. Go to the studio, tell the Beat Maker, “please, I want auto-tune”. He will gladly do it for you and in no time, you will be sounding like T-Pain ( the most shiny example)

3. Get a catchy chorus and repeat certain keywords in the sound throughout- It works!
Use words not found in the English Dictionary. Just talk, say something that goes with the beat. Shout “eh eh eh eh.” “You Say Wetin? “That’s all. “Ayi” “Ayi” Ayi” “efr3 ni mu”- classical example to me, (Criss Waddle’s Song) None sense track, but the chorus was good. “Shake Your Pampanaa for me ooo” Thats all. This step has many examples- I can not mention all- D’Banj- Oliver Twist, Iyanya- Your Waist. Tinny- Anaconda, VIP- Pampanaa etc etc

4.  Use Pidgin
This step is linked heavily to the one above it. Use pidgin. Say something in Pidgin, otherwise, nobody will listen to the song- “She dey wash me like Omo” (Captain Planet- London Bridge.) You see, without this step, you would not be a hit. No dictionary words like I said earlier- Just nonfa. Pure nonfa and your name will be on everybody’s lips.

5. Payola
You should be ready to pay big to get your track on air. If you are a girl, maybe- money really won’t be needed. Just a little something. No money- No star! That is the motto. I have heard of several rumours in the Ghana Music Industry and since, they are just “rumours”, I intend to treat them as such by not mentioning them.

Don’t mind those Mentor, Vodafone Icons, X-Factor People. What do they know about music?? I have given you all the steps you need. And the producers who produce those “things” called music- I have just one question for them- How does it feel listening to someone saying nonfa, gibberish and a mix of nonsensical shoutings in your studios? Don’t you ever get bored or something?

I leave you now with the song, I have been playing all day. Its D Black- Change Your Life.