The Party

I still feel guilty about what happened that night. I will feel guilty, every single day, for the rest of my life and so I will try and put it into writing as vividly as possible to clear my head over it, but I know that is not going to be possible.
Hi, I am Kwaku and the following events actually took place somewhere:

She was the most beautiful thing I had ever set my eyes on. She had it all.. The hips, the boobs and her smile was wonderful. I had always orgled about her anytime we were at lectures and now here am I staring at her from the other room at the Level 400s Graduation Party. I have been day and night dreaming about her right from Level 100. That a total of 8 semesters, 4 years and tonight was the night. The night to finally let the fear go away and approach her.. and maybe if my luck shone, I could get her to warm my bed later tonight..

From where I was standing and observing, I could sense she was feeling extremely uncomfortable at this party. She probably had not been exposed to so many people drinking alcohol, smoking weed, swimming half nude and partying the night away. Her friends called her ‘Virgin Mary” behind her back. Maybe that was the real reason, I was so attracted to her: her freshness, her naivety at certain pleasurable things of life.. Still standing and watching as Naomi approached Angela. Naomi could also tell “Virgin Mary” was uncomfortable at this party..

Their body language gave their conversation away. I guess Naomi was telling Angela to relax, have fun and make new friends and Angela was probably asking why Naomi brought her to the party anyway.. Naomi walked away- gesturing her hand in the typical lady fashion.

This was my time to strike. I walked to the mini bar and requested for a glass of fruit juice. The barman for the night, Kwame ( my classmate) was insisting on mixing with the glass of fruit juice with a little alcohol.. I refused his offer to his shock and amusement. “You don’t drink anymore?” “This drink is not mine, its for a friend” I grabbed it and then I walked towards her.
She was still standing there, visibly confused about the amorous activities happening around her. How could Naomi bring her over here? “Hi” – “Hello” “I was standing over there and I saw, you dropped something?” “That is an old pickup line dude.. I say what did I drop? and then you would say conversation”

She was going to be difficult than I expected but her confidence level was high.. “Okay, you got me there. I am Kwaku and you must be Angela” “How did you know my name?” “I was in your class” “Okay, is that why you walked up to me?” “No. I have been watching you for the last  20 minutes and I thought you needed a glass of  fruit juice?” “Is it laced with alcohol or drugs?” “Oh, no… I am a gentleman” “Thank you, Mr Stalker”

“Can we sit somewhere and talk?” “Okay.. Outside would be cool- there is so much noise over here anyway” My plan seemed to be working perfectly.. I smiled at her, held her hands as we tried moving through the thick  party crowd to the door.

We walked outside to a quiet place and started talking. We spoke about everything- from Archaeology to Zoology, It was amazing how we clicked instantly, and we shared some common interests and hobbies such as music, gaming, politics and sports. I was having so much fun talking to her.. She was the one.. I had the feeling.

I excused myself to go get more fruit juice. As Kwame was making the juice, I turned around and like a bolt of lightening, three guys had torn Naomi’s seductive dress and pushed her into  the pool.. She was virtually naked as the guys fondled her amidst her screams for help.. I did not know whether her shouts were genuine because it actually looked she was kinda laughing and enjoying the exploration of her body. She was simply crying wolf. Two other guys jumped into the pool to rescue her..  And then it hit me.. Oh My God! I left Angela outside.

I was struggling to push myself through the large crowd to get to the door. The noise was still extremely loud and the alcohol I had taken earlier while watching Angela from the other room was started kicking in. My eyes were heavy. I felt dizzy, whilst still trying to push my way through the crowd. I got to the door after so much pushing, pulling and shoving. I looked up to the spot where I left Angela only to see three boys had surrounded her and there was one guy on top of her..
I ran  towards them, with all the strength left in me somehow still holding the glass of fruit juice in one hand..  I could hear her screaming  for help.. She was so helpless.. Screaming and Crying..

The 3 boys watching the act (2 of them had turns on her already), saw the speed at which I was coming towards them and bolted leaving the perpetrator to continue with the act. I got closer and in a flash, he was unconscious with his head bleeding. In my panic, I used the glass to hit to his head, but I did not care. I tried lifting Angela up, but her knees were too weak. “Are you okay?” Angela did not respond. She was too weak and traumatized to say anything.

The anger in me was stirred up. I walked back towards his almost lifeless body. His face was down and I asked him to turn over. “Rapist! Turn over and lemme see your God forsaken face” He tried turning.. He did manage to do a 90 degree turn to his side. The fire in my eyes was red hot. I was filled with so much rage. You Monster! Animal!!. He was pleading for his life but I was not bothered.  I kicked him continuously in the groin and stomach.. And that is when the police arrived..

Fast Forward 8 months later and I am here, sitting in this prison cell, condemned to life imprisonment for killing Jason. Condemned to waste away and die for accidentally killing Jason The Rapist. Newspapers reported the Court’s judgement as a perversion on the Judicial System, but hey.. It was too late. Jason’s dad was hell burnt on putting me behind bars for killing his son and he has achieved his aim..

I feel guilty but not guilty. A part of me feels Jason deserved to die. Another part also feels, it was all a mistake and I could have walked away.. The things we do for love.. Angela has overcome her traumatic gang rape experience and is now fighting my imprisonment with every vein in her. Naomi left the party that night carrying a baby. Till date, nobody knows who the real father is.. The 3 other boys (Accomplices) were never apprehended. They are still at large as we speak.

God Save My Soul..