The Prostitute/ Shashee/ Hooker/ Town Helper/ Whore Who Saved The World.

I am still in the International Women’s Day spirit. This past Saturday was International Women’s Day, a day to inspire girls and celebrate women’s achievements and, in many countries, an official holiday. I am not the only one, some Ghanaian television stations have declared March as the Month of The African Woman..

I have always maintained my argument anytime the issue of prostitution and whores (Ghanaian boys call them Shashees) pops up for discussion. I keep saying that the prostitutes of today are no longer the “Old Women” we all used to know. They are with us. Students by day, prostitutes at night. Bills, hostel fees, school fees have to be paid somehow and in this kind of economy we are in, they are using, what they have to get what they want/need.. That is not to say I support what they do but I am not condemning them either..

For some people, prostitution is just standing by the roadside, getting picked up by a flashy car, all for money. That is just as low as life can get for some many Ghanaian girls.
But history, as we know it is full of stories. Stories of prostitutes who used their skills to influence higher powers and society.. And they changed the world..

I am going to focus on just one of them and her name was Rahab.
Rahab The Prostitute:
Welcome to Jericho. Rahab probably came from a poor family with a sick, dying mother and a father who abandoned the family in search of smaller girls.. Lets also imagine, she has 3 younger siblings who were constantly sacked from school for not paying their school fees. Bills have to be paid, and so what does Rahab do?
She stands at street corners and dark places, granting sex favours to clients, all for the money to take care of her family..

But by all accounts, she was good at it too.. Because, by the time, she comes up in the Bible, she had her her own house and made a comfortable income by sleeping with men..

What made her great?
The Israelites were on their way to the Promised Land. They had been living in the desert for over 30 years and then God instructed them to take possession of Jericho. Joshua, the leader of the Israelites, sent out two spies to scout the City of Jericho. The two young Jews did their job and then sought refuge at Rahab’s house. The Bible did not state why they chose to stay there but it was obvious that, the two Jews were scouting the City to know its strengths and weaknesses.

The King of Jericho heard about the two spies and sent out his soldiers to look for them. Rahab hid the two men, and then convinced the soldiers, that the spies were hiding somewhere else..Because of Rahab’s smartness, the spies were able to bring important imformation back to Joshua which helped the Israelites conquer the City of Jericho..

That is right. Believe whatever you want to believe about the Bible but it is right there in the Old Testament, that the course of history was turned by a prostitute with a good heart. She saved the world and was saved from the destruction of Jericho herself..

God can use anybody, anytime, any day. You just have to avail yourself to Him wholeheartedly. It is not right to judge people and please keep that in mind, the next time, you are congratulating yourself for sleeping with a guy without asking for his money. Hypocrites Like Us..


Every Ghanaian Dad’s Nightmare: What if your Princess Jasmine brought home an Aladdin?


Tomorrow is International Women’s Day to celebrate all women worldwide. The women who are fighting the cause for gender balance and equality, and who are struggling daily to make the world a better place to live in. I wish all women, a Happy International Women’s Day..

As a Ghanaian boy, born and bred in Ghana, I am aware of some of the customs and traditions of the Ghanaian People. Our mentality and the way we look at things is different from that of our Western brothers and sisters.
If I should pass a paper to my father to write down, his top 10 commandments for me, you will be surprised at some of the items on his list: Don’t go getting a girl pregnant, Don’t do drugs or alcohol, Don’t mingle or roll with people of certain tribal backgrounds and the rest.

Let me paint the picture for you:
Most Ghanaian children blessed with a television in their father’s living room have watched Aladdin and Jasmine on TV before. It is a very interesting cartoon where Princess Jasmine falls in love with a thief called Aladdin who has a blue Genie as his guide and a monkey for a friend. Princess Jasmine’s dad is the pompous but kind ruler of Agrabah, and Aladdin like I said earlier is just a petty street pickpocket.

This Disney cartoon set me thinking. So what if I become a father in future and then, my Princess Jasmine brings to my African home, an Aladdin and then she introduces him as the one she wants to marry and settle down with?? Maybe her Aladdin may not exactly be the Street thief like in the Disney Cartoon but let imagine if he is a poor boy with a lot of promise. An Aladdin for a son-in-law?

Imagine him sitting across the family dining table by my lovely daughter, and me, (in my spectacles) just staring and staring at him, scrutinizing him from head to toe, his dressings, his composure, and all other irrelevant details about him, just to get something negative to say about him, probably as the reasons not to accept him and break off their engagement..

Now let me tell you a story:
A night security guard, lets call him Henry, in my community was dating his Rich Master’s daughter secretly, and every night, when the night was cold, and all eyes were heavy with sleep in the house, she will tiptoe to the Security Guard room and make love to him. This was going on for well over 3 months without anybody noticing. Well, until one morning when the family woke up to the shocking news that, Kuukua was pregnant with Henry’s baby. All hell broke loose in the house. The Rich Man called it an abomination and wanted the child aborted immediately.. How could his “Princess Jasmine” stoop so low to sleep with an “Aladdin”? His wife resisted the idea and supported her daughter through her pregnancy period until delivery.

Our culture does not allow certain things: there is social segregation everywhere and a lot of tribal and ethnic differences. Some bad perceptions about some particular tribes, and there is no real inter marriages among some particular ethnic groups in Ghana. And Heaven Forbids, the daring ones,  who refuse to stick to such old fashioned mentality.
Gradually, the Rich Man started seeing what Kuukua saw in Henry and slowly but surely accepted him as his Son-in-law.. Rich Man supported him with a start-up company to manage and take care of his own family.

So what if my daughter brings home an Aladdin for a son-in-law? I will have no other choice than to accept him albeit some resistance. Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves, and I will give the “Aladdin” that chance to prove himself. In the end, it really does not matter. If my daughter is happy. I am happy, and when the wedding is over, all they will be left with is each other; and the decision they made to be with each other. I can not stop true love. I may try but I will fail in the long run, and if I am unlucky, live with the resentment of my daughter forever.

True Love is the love that surpasses race, social status, logic, tribal backgrounds and skin color. It makes you do crazy things. True Love is what will cause you to close all barriers, look past what people will say, and what they will think, and concentrate on the other person. The one you want to be with. Your soul mate.



Ghana At 57. The Journey So Far and a #SpokenWord Entitled Frustrations.

ImageOn 6th day of March, 1957, Ghana, my motherland was born. The independence of Ghana was declared by the Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah after a hard fought battle from The British Colonial Rule . On that day, the Ghana National Anthem was played for the first time and it was such a joyous occasion for all Ghanaians. I have heard the Independence tape severally and seen it a couple of times on TV, and the atmosphere was one of togetherness and love.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was hell burnt of proving to the White Man that, The Black Man was capable of managing his own affairs and he did prove it as the first president of Ghana, before he passed away. He built 200 State Owned Enterprises, the Akosombo Hydro Electric Dam which until recently was the only source of Electricity in Ghana, The Tema Motorway, Universities, just to mention a few of his achievements and Ghana back then, was described as The Gate Way To Africa.

Fast Forward, 57 years later and where are we as a people? We have had Military Regimes intermittently up until 1992 when the 1992 Constitution came in being and Ghana chartered a course towards Democracy. Where we are as a people now, is not where The Osagyefo envisaged Ghana to be in 57 years. Malaysia had independence, just about the same time as Ghana but Malaysia in 50+ years has become an Asian Tiger. A powerhouse. Where did we go wrong as a people??

Bad Economic Management over the years, Foreign Imposed Policies and over dependence on foreign aid, huge trade deficits, the lack of Visionary Leadership and  Corruption among top public officials are some of the major reasons to blame for our Problems. The Osagyefo maybe turning in his grave and weeping. This is not the Ghana, he envisaged in 57 years. But it is well. The Current Administration (led by John Dramani Mahama) is promising a change of direction like all the previous administrations. For once, we need clear cut plans, ideas and policies to propel this country Ghana to The Promised Land. Mahama says he is the Moses, only time will tell whether he truly is or otherwise.

The Constant Power Outages, the almost non- existent water supply, the bad roads, corruption, bad economic management, the drastic depreciation of the Ghanaian Cedi to other international currencies. huge housing deficits, high bank interest rates are Ghana at 57 problems. So I wrote a #SpokenWord which I will hopefully record with the right instrumentals later, I entitled it “Frustrations” and here it goes.:

I don’t call this a poem. Its #SpokenWord. I call it “Frustrations” and its Dedicated To John Dramani Mahama.. 🙂

This economy is full of frustration.
Spreading very fast over our desperate nation.
Ghanaians tuning in to Radio Stations.
Where is the fat salary? What is my motivation?

The government may be lying. Giving misinformation.
And the MPs say nothing. They are supposed to be our representation.
it pisses me off. Call that my irritation.
We need to take to the streets. Hold demonstrations.

To vent our anger. Our everyday frustrations.
Mahama, please try and remove all the complications.
Pave the way, make it smooth for us- Determination!
Provide us our basic needs- Self actualization!

Everybody now, is talking about free education..
Really, It is a just a waste of public attention..
I honestly believe, that requires a lot of preparation.
Where is Ghana heading? What  is our future destination?

Whats happeneing to our denomination?
The cedi is losing its value- Depreciation!
I am sick of all the speeches and presentations
Most are them are untrue- pure exaggerations.

Pastors preaching to their congregation.
Jesus is coming soon. We all need salvation..
In this country full of corruption..
Repent! Repent! A brother is reading Revelations.

Getting fed up of this situation.
Light Off. Light On. Power interruptions.
ECG have a funny way of showing their affection
No water supply? I get the deep connection..

What we need is real transformation
25 million Ghanaians. A believing population..
We are not loooking for perfection.
We are hoping for economic redemption.
I dream of a better Ghana- Beautiful Illustrations!

Nii Aryee
March 5, 2014..

Those are some of my thoughts about Ghana @ 57. I hope things get better soon, so that on Ghana @ 58. I will have many positive things to write about. Long Live Ghana! Happy Birthday Ghana!! Long Live The Legacy Of The Osagyefo!!

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H For Haters: Delusional People

Delusional people (especially social media freaks) always want to talk about Haters. Delusion is living in a make believe fantasy world that you have created for yourself. It is a world where you are in total control, where you feel comfortable, where no one can judge you and if they do judge you, they aren’t telling you the truth. they are HATING 😦

I see people online all the time, shouting to their haters and shouting out to the people that don’t see them SHINE. You are not lying to me, Facebook or to the world. You are lying to yourself. These wannabe haters you are making noise about don’t exist, because in reality they see you for the real type of person you are, the biggest hater YOU have is YOURSELF.

IF you look in the mirror everyday and you think you see perfectness, you are delusional, and that is what wannabes do. They hate on themselves and spread hate to other people because, they take only what they want to hear in life. “The worst of all frauds is too cheat oneself”.

Let me be clear, nobody is perfect but the truth is, there are people on this planet who are doing better than you. I don’t care who you think you are, someone is more experienced, more intelligent, more spiritual, richer, stronger and faster than you and if you are trying to do better for yourself as a person, you will have to listen, observe the better person and learn. Stop whining and complaining.

What you want to hear is not what you always need to hear. What you need to hear is the truth. A harsh truth is never HATE. Habits can be broken and we can free ourselves from the “HATE” Prison we have built around ourselves. Nobody is hating on you. So wannabes, you can continue to pretend in your wannabe world or you can deal with reality. Some of you may even talk trash about everything you just read. I am okay if you do because the reality is “People cannot change the truth but “the truth can change people.

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The Wolves In Sheep Clothing.

africans in church

Yes! I am back again with my crazy rants. I think I should start this post with “Praise The Lord” and all of you will respond “Hallelujah”.
I just feel I gotta talk about this issue. Its about high time, Ghanaians start differentiating between REAL Pastors and the average Armed Robber. I am not a pastor. I am not a preacher. If you even dash me a church right now, I won’t take it because of some personal reasons. But this issue can not be ignored- I am not going to do that.

To become extremely rich in Ghana today, you have to either do blood money, online dating (419 Dating Scams), entertainment, politics, or become a Pastor. Everyday in Ghana, new churches are springing up with some very interesting names. They are everywhere- in the markets, on buses, on sidewalks preaching the Gospel.
The world is desperate for what to believe in. Ghanaians believe so much in signs and wonders. Any church where miracles are being performed, and young girls are promised husbands, everybody flocks there, and become blind, like sheep being led to an abattoir. In fact, I know some people, who change church, every 2 weeks.

Now! pause for a second to think, some pastors have convinced their entire congregation, that their reward/riches are in heaven, while these same pastors are busy amassing their own wealth, here on earth. You can’t be flying from country to country, and acquiring cars and houses, when the average member of your congregation cannot pay his rent or his children’s school fees. It does not work that way. Pastors are molesting and raping young girls and children, Pastors are involved in financial crimes (fraud) have shown that a good number of Ghanaian Pastors, have abused the trust that their congregation have in them.

When you go to church every Sunday, do not leave your brain at home. Know your pastor very well. Open your eyes. Some of these so called pastors, get their powers through Satanic means. Just because he is performing miracles and quoting Scriptures, doesn’t mean his powers are from God. I have said it and its the plain truth.

Some pastors even come on radio, televisions and battle themselves about “Who has more powers than who?” and all those other nonsense. Buy special handkerchiefs, give special offerings etc etc. Heaven does not have a bank account, take it or leave it. Angels do not come down to earth, and collect the money on God’s behalf. Human beings get to spend all the money you deposit into church, every Sunday. Remember that a Pastor is a human being, with blood flowing through his veins. He is not a semi god. He can be greedy and make mistakes too.

Jesus himself, warns us to “Be careful of false prophets. They come to you looking gentle like sheep, but they are really dangerous like wolves”. The church is not a business venture, or a social club, or a fashion show, or a profit making company. It is a meeting point of believers. A place to reach out to the Poor, Broken hearted, sick and marginalized in society. God is not stationed in any particular church. Where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there.
Ghanaians Need To Wake Up NOW!

I appreciate the fact that, you took some time to read this and share your thoughts in the comment box below. Follow me on twitter @isavedhersoul.. God Bless Us All.