The Wolves In Sheep Clothing.

africans in church

Yes! I am back again with my crazy rants. I think I should start this post with “Praise The Lord” and all of you will respond “Hallelujah”.
I just feel I gotta talk about this issue. Its about high time, Ghanaians start differentiating between REAL Pastors and the average Armed Robber. I am not a pastor. I am not a preacher. If you even dash me a church right now, I won’t take it because of some personal reasons. But this issue can not be ignored- I am not going to do that.

To become extremely rich in Ghana today, you have to either do blood money, online dating (419 Dating Scams), entertainment, politics, or become a Pastor. Everyday in Ghana, new churches are springing up with some very interesting names. They are everywhere- in the markets, on buses, on sidewalks preaching the Gospel.
The world is desperate for what to believe in. Ghanaians believe so much in signs and wonders. Any church where miracles are being performed, and young girls are promised husbands, everybody flocks there, and become blind, like sheep being led to an abattoir. In fact, I know some people, who change church, every 2 weeks.

Now! pause for a second to think, some pastors have convinced their entire congregation, that their reward/riches are in heaven, while these same pastors are busy amassing their own wealth, here on earth. You can’t be flying from country to country, and acquiring cars and houses, when the average member of your congregation cannot pay his rent or his children’s school fees. It does not work that way. Pastors are molesting and raping young girls and children, Pastors are involved in financial crimes (fraud) have shown that a good number of Ghanaian Pastors, have abused the trust that their congregation have in them.

When you go to church every Sunday, do not leave your brain at home. Know your pastor very well. Open your eyes. Some of these so called pastors, get their powers through Satanic means. Just because he is performing miracles and quoting Scriptures, doesn’t mean his powers are from God. I have said it and its the plain truth.

Some pastors even come on radio, televisions and battle themselves about “Who has more powers than who?” and all those other nonsense. Buy special handkerchiefs, give special offerings etc etc. Heaven does not have a bank account, take it or leave it. Angels do not come down to earth, and collect the money on God’s behalf. Human beings get to spend all the money you deposit into church, every Sunday. Remember that a Pastor is a human being, with blood flowing through his veins. He is not a semi god. He can be greedy and make mistakes too.

Jesus himself, warns us to “Be careful of false prophets. They come to you looking gentle like sheep, but they are really dangerous like wolves”. The church is not a business venture, or a social club, or a fashion show, or a profit making company. It is a meeting point of believers. A place to reach out to the Poor, Broken hearted, sick and marginalized in society. God is not stationed in any particular church. Where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there.
Ghanaians Need To Wake Up NOW!

I appreciate the fact that, you took some time to read this and share your thoughts in the comment box below. Follow me on twitter @isavedhersoul.. God Bless Us All.

How To Become A Musician In Ghana.

Everywhere I go, be it school, church, pub, public place- people are listening to music. Earpieces everywhere. Music is food for the soul and Music is Passion. I totally agree with the previous two thoughts. In Ghana though, the up and coming artistes can equal, the sand at the Labadi Beach. Everyday, new tracks, new links are posted on Facebook walls and pages. New CDs, Albums, Mixtapes.

In Ghana, music is not really commercially sold on the streets. Nobody will buy it. We always want free stuffs. The artistes daily breads’ relies heavily on personal investments (record labels, clothing lines), shows and endorsement deals from Brands <del>(Companies)</del> Sakordie is killing it, D-Black is doing his thing, Efya, Becca, D-Cryme, Samini, FOKN Bois, Bisa Kdei, 4X4, VIP and many more artistes are all lifting high the flag of Ghana worldwide

How to become like any of the above artistes is simple. Follow the steps below and trust me, You will be performing at Ghana Music Awards 2014.

1. Get A Cool Name.
Create a cool name. Instead of calling yourself Rebecca- make it Becca. Jane Awindor is too boring- be crafty (Efya) or maybe you love cartoons so much, so you can do with Captain Planet, Scooby Doo or something like that. Just be creative- Dee Money, D-Black, Joey B and Bisa Kdei (still boring to me), Okyeame Kwame. Errm, by the way, D’Banj’s real name is Dapo¬†Oyebanjo. You get step one? Good!

2. Use Autotune
Seriously, If you don’t have the natural voice to sing, the White Man has developed something called “auto-tuning”. Go to the studio, tell the Beat Maker, “please, I want auto-tune”. He will gladly do it for you and in no time, you will be sounding like T-Pain ( the most shiny example)

3. Get a catchy chorus and repeat certain keywords in the sound throughout- It works!
Use words not found in the English Dictionary. Just talk, say something that goes with the beat. Shout “eh eh eh eh.” “You Say Wetin? “That’s all. “Ayi” “Ayi” Ayi” “efr3 ni mu”- classical example to me, (Criss Waddle’s Song) None sense track, but the chorus was good. “Shake Your Pampanaa for me ooo” Thats all. This step has many examples- I can not mention all- D’Banj- Oliver Twist, Iyanya- Your Waist. Tinny- Anaconda, VIP- Pampanaa etc etc

4.  Use Pidgin
This step is linked heavily to the one above it. Use pidgin. Say something in Pidgin, otherwise, nobody will listen to the song- “She dey wash me like Omo” (Captain Planet- London Bridge.) You see, without this step, you would not be a hit. No dictionary words like I said earlier- Just nonfa. Pure nonfa and your name will be on everybody’s lips.

5. Payola
You should be ready to pay big to get your track on air. If you are a girl, maybe- money really won’t be needed. Just a little something. No money- No star! That is the motto. I have heard of several rumours in the Ghana Music Industry and since, they are just “rumours”, I intend to treat them as such by not mentioning them.

Don’t mind those Mentor, Vodafone Icons, X-Factor People. What do they know about music?? I have given you all the steps you need. And the producers who produce those “things” called music- I have just one question for them- How does it feel listening to someone saying nonfa, gibberish and a mix of nonsensical shoutings in your studios? Don’t you ever get bored or something?

I leave you now with the song, I have been playing all day. Its D Black- Change Your Life.