If I Won The Lottery

I am going to have fun with this post because I have often thought about what I would buy if I won the lottery or made a huge amount of money from playing roulette in a casino. I am allowed to dream right?

What if? What if I clocked like $100,000- $500,000? or maybe even a $1,000,000?

#1 Firstly, I will go to church, give 10% of my winnings as tithe, and then, offer unto God through the church, a Thanksgiving offering. In All Things, I Have To Give Thanks Unto God.

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What Do Lazy/ Jobless/ Ratchet Girls spend their money on?

Facebook and Twitter boys call them HOES, a term which has gained widespread popularity ever since Chris Brown and Lil Wayne released the “Loyal” track. I find that word extremely abusive against women and besides if a girl decides to have 30 multiple sex partners in a year, how is that any of your business? Anyway, one thing that I have learnt about “these girls” is that they are bad with money management.

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