Diary Of A Ghanaian Househelp: E02 Breaking Plates

Dear Diary,
I was standing by the kitchen sink. Washing the dirty dinner plates and I was trying to be extremely careful because I knew fully well that Auntie Christie would be unable to replace one of these expensive plates if I got it broken.
I put on the tap, put the plate under the flowing water when it hit me. The breeze coming through the kitchen window, hit me and past memories came to life.Memories of him, Memories of Us.  James. He who took my whole being. Him. The one I never saw again.

It was a cool Friday afternoon. James had been trying to woo me for a few weeks and I must admit, he was everything I wanted. He was fair in complexion and tall. He always brought me grass cutters from the bush whenever he went hunting with his friends. He was a man. A real man. All the boys in the village envied him and he was the village ladies man.

That day, I was returning home after visiting a few friends. On my way back, he met me along the path and held my hand. God! I felt happiness within my body. He dragged me along a bush path. He kept telling me that I was going see something I had never seen before. I followed him obediently like a puppy. I wanted to be alone with him. Forever. Have him all to myself.
He took to a small open field with grass. A place where we could do anything, we wanted without getting caught.  I was still staring at his face. He kissed me and Oh My God, I was elated. I was blinded by his love. His lips consumed my lips in a rush. My head exploded. I wanted more. We did not say words to each other.  He held my breasts and pressed the firmly. He pressed his body against mine. Oh My God! I wanted more- more of him.. I held him tighter to my body because my knees felt too weak.  He took his hands down slowly to the lower region of my body. I felt excitement. “James! St——-!” The words could not even come out.

James wanted more but I could not give him more. I wanted to. But I could not. I just could not give him my body. I was raised a Christian. I promised God and my mother that I would wait until marriage.
We sat under a tree that day and watched the sun set. I was in love with James and there was nothing anybody could say or do about it..

The next day, I left for Accra. Without even saying goodbye to the boy of my dreams. Oh. How I miss him. He was my first kiss. On that cool Friday..

*the plate slipped from my hand as I tried to wipe away my tears*
It fell from my hand and shattered into tiny pieces.. Auntie Christie heard the sound from the Main Hall and rushed to the Kitchen.. “What happened here?” Madam screamed.. “It was an accident” I tried explaining.. “An accident?” “Stupid Girl! Foolish Girl, you broke a plate worth $1000 and you say its an accident?” “You are a witch just like your poor mother in the village”

Oh no Auntie! Diary, I received a heavy slap for breaking the plate. Auntie Christie has really changed. I do not know why though. She has become extremely cold towards me. She insults me and my mother all the time and on three occasions, I went to bed on an empty stomach. I miss my mother. I know she is praying for me 😥 I miss James but what can I do? Nothing!! I feel like leaving..All I have is you Diary. You are my best friend.

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New Year And Cutting Cancerous Friendships

In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”– Albert Camus

2014. 2014 is here and whether we like it or yes, another year has come. This year, I resolved not to write any new year resolutions because, after all, the truth is we never really accomplish all the resolutions we write down. We don’t follow it to  the end. The resolutions about losing weight, chasing dreams, stop following and spending on women, stop chasing men etc etc are not followed through to the latter. So why bother? Why waste precious time to sit down, scribble those rules which later become like a personal prison where a brother wants to break free from? Oh well, I guess its just a yearly ritual..

I have been somehow quiet of late. A state of mind between shutting up and being the talkative. A friend whispered into my ears recently to stop “Kim Kardasianing” on Facebook (Comedy) and talk about the real social issues- his words though, not mine.

I have been quiet, just observing and I feel like some sort of negativity is creeping into me. It is gradually eating me up and weighing me down. Its source is from a few people in my life who always complain about their lives.  I am not talking about the occasional venting of frustrations. We all need to release our feelings of disappointments sometimes and we all experience ups and downs.  We all experience times of imbalance in relationships and we definitely have to talk to the people we love and trust for advice, moral support and prayers.

The negativity, i am talking about here is the type that blames everyone else or  their problems but themselves. When you try to show them alternative ways of doing things- they just brush you off and they carry on down the road of blaming everyone else.  Should you continue to open yourself up to them and listen to them, they mistake you for a dumping ground.  They take away your energy and joy.

Lately, I feel like all the ways I have to make myself happy (meditation, music, movies) are not helping me overcome the negativity. Anytime, I leave their presence, I feel drained of strength. They kill my vibe and my enthusiasm.. “They kill our confidence before the songs finish. But we was born winners” That is the best way to describe such friends..

So here is what I have done this year?  I have cut ties with such negative people. It is my first New Year resolution. I have realized, I need to politely eject myself from relationships that are not basically uplifting and supportive before I start to view life as a dark shadow and infect others with that bad outlook.

If you have a cancer growing on your body, you cut it off before the cancer spreads and destroys other parts of your body.  I think that sometimes you need to do the same with bad relationships before they contaminate your life, before you turn into someone you don’t want to be.
Let them talk. Say whatever they like. At the end of the day, it comes down to only one person. You! You are your biggest fan! The energy of the people in your life can have a serious effect on you, and it is not easy to dispel, the negative vibes and people. I feel happier 8 or 9 days after taking this bold decision.

You are the Company, you keep. Show me your friend and I will tell, your character. Remember when people are doing their worst to you, God is doing the great work within you. Don’t worry. Be Happy..

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Diary Of A Ghanaian Househelp: E01 The Story Begins

Dear Diary,
Today is Janaury 4th and I am excited today to write my first entry into you.  Maybe I should start it off, by introducing myself to you. I am Akua Amponsah and I am from a remote village somewhere in the Central Region. I don’t know my real date of birth, but my mum believes I was born in 1992.  The village boys say I am very beautiful and it is true. I have got physical assets (front and back), that can make any other girl’s assets look like a small boy.

Well Diary, I was in the house one day, in the backyard washing the jeans of my village lover boy, James when my mother called me. She shouted “Akua” “Akua” like she has never called me before. I left the jeans in the bucket and ran to her.
Getting close to her, I recognized a familiar face. It was Auntie Pat from Accra carrying big polythene bags of what looked like provisions and loaves and bread. “Why are you standing there like a statue? ” Won’t you help your auntie with her load?” I greeted her, collected the bags from her and disappeared.

I reappeared with a glass of water, by which time the two older women had settled into a conversation. “How is Accra?” “How is work?” “How is your husband and the kids?” My auntie’s answers were the same throughout: “Everybody and everything is fine” “We thank God for that”- my over religious mum will reply. I eavesdropped and heard Auntie Pat telling Mummy that,  one of her close friends  who lives in Accra had just given birth and that since her friend,  just had another baby, they will need someone to help them.
“Auntie Pat,  you want me to do house girl work in Accra?” I asked. “No my dear Akua, this one is like assistant house take carer. None of my children will do house help work in Jesus’ name” My mum and I screamed a big “Amen!!”

A week later and diary, here I am in the big city, with  2 complete strangers to call my Master and Madam,  3 drivers, 1 gate man, and a houseboy that I have to live with. For how long? I do not know. But diary, I promise to update you on every thing which goes on in my life from now till I leave Accra.  We will share this adventure together. I can hear my madam shouting my name now and I have to go. By the way, her name is Mrs. Christine Sackey but I have to call her Auntie Christie or Madam. I have not met her husband yet though. He is on a business trip in U.S.A. Chao!!

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