Fresh Boys Don’t Want To Pay (When A Rich Nigga Wants You)

Ghanaian DatingI keep saying to myself that I am not going to write anything on relationships anymore but it looks like I keep eating those words from time to time. Well, I was listening to Chris Brown’s “Loyal” and the chorus just makes me laugh all the time. “When a rich nigga wants you, and your man can’t do nothing for you.” I laugh because it is funny and actually a true, serious problem. Money is changing the way people are dating in Ghana these days. Personally, I think it is a combination of several factors but the main one is definitely greed.

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My Thoughts On Love

I dedicate this post to my dear Facebook friends, twitter followers and blog readers who have found Love. There are so many different kinds of love. Love for your family, love for your pets, love for your friends and even love for the Kooko seller that makes your kooko every morning.

We experience it, but we may not always appreciate all the love in our daily lives, especially when we find ourselves alone, seeking that one love, the ROMANTIC Love.

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The Little Bits Of Love.. #LovePost

LOVE starts with a SMILE, grows with a KISS, and ends with a TEAR. DON’T cry over anyone who won’t cry over you. Good FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget. You can only go as far as you push. ACTIONS speak louder than words. The HARDEST thing to do is watch the one you love, love somebody else. Continue reading

5 Signs He/She Is Not Into You Anymore #Love

ImageLove is waking everyday with that one person on your mind. Love is courageous, breaking all barriers and not caring what people think. It is like a drug that people with money can not buy. It puts you on a high that you don’t want to get down from. It makes your problems disappear. It makes life worth living. Love is everything and nothing less. It makes you happy and therefore makes everyone around you happy. Love is contagious.
Women tend to make an effort when it comes to love than men. So they are more likely to spot when a man is not interested in them anymore, but for those who are “blinded” by love and they can not spot those signs, I am here to help them. This is a free relationship counseling session.. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, it happens, when you first met, the two of you had excellent chemistry, but just recently you started seeing signs that he/she is no longer interested in you. Continue reading

Every Ghanaian Dad’s Nightmare: What if your Princess Jasmine brought home an Aladdin?


Tomorrow is International Women’s Day to celebrate all women worldwide. The women who are fighting the cause for gender balance and equality, and who are struggling daily to make the world a better place to live in. I wish all women, a Happy International Women’s Day..

As a Ghanaian boy, born and bred in Ghana, I am aware of some of the customs and traditions of the Ghanaian People. Our mentality and the way we look at things is different from that of our Western brothers and sisters.
If I should pass a paper to my father to write down, his top 10 commandments for me, you will be surprised at some of the items on his list: Don’t go getting a girl pregnant, Don’t do drugs or alcohol, Don’t mingle or roll with people of certain tribal backgrounds and the rest.

Let me paint the picture for you:
Most Ghanaian children blessed with a television in their father’s living room have watched Aladdin and Jasmine on TV before. It is a very interesting cartoon where Princess Jasmine falls in love with a thief called Aladdin who has a blue Genie as his guide and a monkey for a friend. Princess Jasmine’s dad is the pompous but kind ruler of Agrabah, and Aladdin like I said earlier is just a petty street pickpocket.

This Disney cartoon set me thinking. So what if I become a father in future and then, my Princess Jasmine brings to my African home, an Aladdin and then she introduces him as the one she wants to marry and settle down with?? Maybe her Aladdin may not exactly be the Street thief like in the Disney Cartoon but let imagine if he is a poor boy with a lot of promise. An Aladdin for a son-in-law?

Imagine him sitting across the family dining table by my lovely daughter, and me, (in my spectacles) just staring and staring at him, scrutinizing him from head to toe, his dressings, his composure, and all other irrelevant details about him, just to get something negative to say about him, probably as the reasons not to accept him and break off their engagement..

Now let me tell you a story:
A night security guard, lets call him Henry, in my community was dating his Rich Master’s daughter secretly, and every night, when the night was cold, and all eyes were heavy with sleep in the house, she will tiptoe to the Security Guard room and make love to him. This was going on for well over 3 months without anybody noticing. Well, until one morning when the family woke up to the shocking news that, Kuukua was pregnant with Henry’s baby. All hell broke loose in the house. The Rich Man called it an abomination and wanted the child aborted immediately.. How could his “Princess Jasmine” stoop so low to sleep with an “Aladdin”? His wife resisted the idea and supported her daughter through her pregnancy period until delivery.

Our culture does not allow certain things: there is social segregation everywhere and a lot of tribal and ethnic differences. Some bad perceptions about some particular tribes, and there is no real inter marriages among some particular ethnic groups in Ghana. And Heaven Forbids, the daring ones,  who refuse to stick to such old fashioned mentality.
Gradually, the Rich Man started seeing what Kuukua saw in Henry and slowly but surely accepted him as his Son-in-law.. Rich Man supported him with a start-up company to manage and take care of his own family.

So what if my daughter brings home an Aladdin for a son-in-law? I will have no other choice than to accept him albeit some resistance. Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves, and I will give the “Aladdin” that chance to prove himself. In the end, it really does not matter. If my daughter is happy. I am happy, and when the wedding is over, all they will be left with is each other; and the decision they made to be with each other. I can not stop true love. I may try but I will fail in the long run, and if I am unlucky, live with the resentment of my daughter forever.

True Love is the love that surpasses race, social status, logic, tribal backgrounds and skin color. It makes you do crazy things. True Love is what will cause you to close all barriers, look past what people will say, and what they will think, and concentrate on the other person. The one you want to be with. Your soul mate.