A while ago, I saw someone write something to the effect that, you can call him a stereotype, a coward or whatever but if his friend gets HIV, he won’t hang out with him, anymore. In his words; “he should die alone”. Then another one also asked why we keep spending money to provide drugs to HIV/AIDS patients since its an incurable disease. In his words too; “we are tired of spending the taxpayers’ money on them”.

When you read thoughts like this on the worldwide web, you need a lot of discipline to keep your cool.  But now, thinking about those two thoughts expressed openly about HIV/AIDS on social media, I am not going to keep my cool anymore, I am going crazy thinking about what they said.

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Celebrities And Sex Tapes..

These days, there are sex tapes flying around everywhere on social media and the thirst to see, the nakedness of other people banging in the comfort of their homes is at an all time high.. What is triggering this craze? Its simple.. The children, teenagers and adults of today are copying blindly..

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