The advantages of being an Ashawo in Accra

Before you start dissing or musing those inappropriate words at me, maybe you should read this to the end and then let the insults fly afterwards.

For those of you who do not already know, or are still pretending, an ashawo is a prostitute or a lady of the night. We already know the disadvantages of being a prostitute: HIV, STDs, rape and the fact that society frowns on it so I wont even go there.

Every night, they come out of hiding, onto the streets of Accra in search for a man who needs their services in exchange for money. They are everywhere in Accra standing by roadsides, junctions, roundabouts whistling for cars to stop and pick them up.

Ghanaian men. Smh. Rich men. You need the money. You give them what they want, they give you what you also want, and everyone goes home happy.

I realize that being a prostitute is not always a choice. The need for money gives birth to desperation. Desperation gives birth to all the social vices. Not pretty. So, what is the difference, between your neighborhood loose girl, who jumps from bed to bed in the hood, and one who wears a mini skirt, and stands by the roadside every night, looking for a man for money. They are both “distributing” the same “goods” and the prostitute is the public spectacle of shame. Think about it.

There are no jobs anywhere in Ghana. You can have all the PHDs in this country called Ghana but with no connections, you will starve to death at home. It is the painful truth. Now, just go to universities in Ghana, and you will see them there. They are students by day and prostitutes by night. School fees and hostel accommodation must be paid, somehow.

This really tells me that- all that glitters is not gold. You see the girl with nice bags, big wigs, fancy clothes and you are jealous? Do you have the slightest idea how she got all those fancy things? Anytime, I see these girls, wiggling their waists on the streets to attract customers at night. I feel really sad.

I admit that some of these girls, jump into prostitution out of greed and the desire to live a life they can not afford. Is this by force to wear fancy clothes and live a big life? I wonder.

Most of these girls are doing what they do out of desperation. For lack of a choice. Bills have to paid, food must be eaten, school fees must be paid. Take your self righteousness somewhere else.

And then they will come with their “Please Don’t Judge, Is It Your Business?” attitude. Who is judging? I am allowed to talk about it. And yeah, its kinda like my business.

Things are really tough in Ghana now. Nothing goes for nothing. Which is why I salute NGOs that are making an effort to get these girls off the streets and give them a better life. Instead of just sitting in your house doing nothing and pointing fingers at them. Pray for them.

The name is Nii Aryee and thank you for taking time off to read this. Please leave those comments in your head in the comment box below.

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