The Burden Of The Listener

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Who is the “Listener”? Well, in my opinion, the listener is the one who listens to everyone’s problems. Yep. That is me. I am the “Numero Uno Listener” of people’s problems. I remember one time I was sitting by a young lady in a trotro bus from school headed home and from the look of things and how she was behaving, she came across as a distraught, confused and sad young lady. I made the mistake of asking her a two word question: “What’s wrong?”
Five minutes later I was privy to all her “boyfriend problems.” Of course, she was upset that he was not paying attention to her anymore like he used to and she suspected him of cheating on her. None of this resulted in me offering any advice or anything. All I did was listen and empathize and I think that is how my unofficial listening career started. 3 years later,  I am still here doing the same thing.

I am the go-to-guy when people have problems. From age 16 to now, I have heard so many stories. 75% – 80% of the time they want my opinion.  I try to be open, honest, and unbiased.  I rarely sugar-coat anything because the direct truth is sometimes needed.  The other 20% – 25% of the time I just sit, listen, and console if applicable.

The downside to all of that is that people will always view me as their “rock” or “problem solver.” Because of that they will never ask me “what’s wrong?” when I am going through something.  So I have learned that when something is going on in my life that I just need to speak up.  I volunteer information because I rarely get asked the question, “what’s wrong?”  And who can blame people for not asking?  I am always the one who is smiling and putting smiles on other people’s faces.  I guess they think, “How could he ever possibly have a bad day?”

But, that is the burden of being the “listener.”  Although it can be difficult at times, I am good with it. Everyone has a purpose in life and I know that one of my purposes is to be the “Listener.” To help people carry the load so that they can acquire just a little more happiness in their life.

There will always be a sign outside of my door that states, “The Listener’s Office is open 24/7. Come share your problems with me.”

P.S. I am still friends with the young lady I spoke with on the trotro bus.
P.P.S She is not longer dating that guy anymore. She moved on.


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