Happy Valentine’s Day And The Reasons Why I Had Sex

Happy Valentine's DayToday is St. Valentine’ s Day and I am not quite sure how to feel about Valentine’s Day. I have never been sure. On the 14th of February, it does not seem to matter which way you turn. There is no escaping the red roses, pink hearts and lip shaped chocolates. Well, today I was caught in one of those moments when I did not have much to do, and so I decided to write a list of every woman I have ever had sex with. Weird huh?

We call it our “body count” and so many people get all worked up about the number of people we have had sex with, but does anyone care about the why?

As I kept writing their first names, I began to think about each name on the list, and the specifics surrounding our sexual encounter(s). Most of this involved examining my relationship with each woman, what led me to have sex with her, and whether I had felt anything for her at the time.

I then decided to write down the most dominant reasons why I had had sex in each situation, and working my way down the list, some things about the pattern that emerged took me a little by surprise. It turns out, that I have only ever had sex for seven reasons in my life and in no particular order of importance, those reasons are:

Probably, I did not like her or love her, and my attraction to her was at best tepid to lukewarm, but everyone seemed to think she was the perfect girl for me, and that we made such a cute couple. She thought so too, and eventually we dated for a few months.

Curiosity kills the cat and my first experience was out of curiosity. I wanted to experience what my peers were talking about. The hype was short lived though because I ended up in a disastrous tsunami of self consciousness and embarrassment.

Sometimes I was severely depressed. I was incredibly unhappy, and I just wanted to forget everything, and make all my troubles go away. It did not work, and it was incredibly disappointing.

It just sort of happened all at once. Once the stone got rolling, it was all downhill from there. A message became a massage real quick, then a quick detour to grab lunch turned into an afternoon spent splayed out naked in a room as I struggled not to accidentally turn off her mood.

Coercion/ Seductions
Some girls are just demons. Case closed. They come visiting and before you say jack, her hands are all over your body trying to ************ ************* ************ ********** You get it right? Lips wrapped around my ********** *********** and squeezing until I could not breathe. It all belongs to the past now.

She was just there, and she had a thick body and we were both bored. So to kill boredom, we do the thing. She was pretty, she had always been pretty, and the thought had occasionally crossed my mind. So one day, the opportunity presented itself.

It was a vacation of nothing to do, spent in the house, playing video games and then soft kisses in the darkness, polite requests to touch, and wrapping our arms and legs around each other to lie in the afterglow, her face buried on my chest, me *********** ******* ***** *********** *********** and watching her sleep. “Your heart is beating so fast. Is it because of me?” This is what she asked me.

To conclude, I want to say that whatever your reasons are for engaging in promiscuous activities. Its not worth it charle. Love can be expressed through many other ways apart from sex. Today is the day where a lot of people, maybe even especially women, are feeling unloved. I think yes, they are meant to have that special someone who lifts them up, who will defend them no matter what and be their partner full heartedly regardless of all. If you have found him, cool. If you have not, just relax and wait. No need to rush and make mistakes which you will regret later.

Any thoughts? Please share them in the comment box.


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day And The Reasons Why I Had Sex

  1. I almost thought you would not list “love” as a reason. It would have been sad, with all what seemed to be your multiple partners. Your body is plenty sha


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