Time For Sarkodie To Get New Rhymes

SarkodieLast week, I read somewhere that Ghana’s BET Award winner, Sarkodie is going to release an album called “Mary” this year and I am sitting here like “Man, if Sarkodie does not start coming up with some new rap lyrics, then I don’t know. It’s like every time I turn on the radio or hear a Sarkodie song at a random place, it sounds like Sark is recycling his same old rhymes. How can you claim to be the best, but you never actually give us anything new? Sark has been in the game for a few years now, and while his looks and his brand has changed and become bigger, he is still kinda spitting the same bars that he came in to the game with. At first I was rocking with Sark, but now he is become boring to me. I don’t take away any of his skills, but come on Sark, when can we hear something new? For his new upcoming album MARY, I want Sark to come up with some new rhymes.

Sark is so predictable that it has come to the point where I can predict what he is going to say. We all know how Sark loves to talk about where he is from, and how he hustled his way into the game but seriously, its becoming too much. We get it, we get it. Can you tell us something new? I have seen interviews and heard some rap lyrics where Sark claims that he wants to win a Grammy Award and he has the skills to compete with the best of them. I think Sark needs to sit down somewhere and re evaluate. Like I said before, I take away nothing from his skills, but he definitely has room for a lot of improvement. And by the way, Cassper Nyovest will kill Sark anytime, any day in my opinion.

I don’t know what song I was listening to, but Sark said something along the lines of, “Obidi, Number 1, I am the best MC” Sarkodie tends to do this a lot these days. He brags about being the best male rapper, but we all know that there are several other rappers who are better than him but still largely doing underground music. An example is Yaa Pono. Yaa Pono is a better rapper than Sark in my opinion. That is my opinion tho. Besides, how many rappers are actually competing against Sarkodie? Lets be honest about the fact that, it is not hard to be the best, when you aren’t up against many.

If Sarkodie keeps using the same played out lines in every song, a male rapper with fresher rhymes will take his place. I really want to see Sark win. He brought a breath of fresh air to the Ghanaian music industry. But that air is starting to get stale because he won’t give us anything new.

Sarkodie, if you are reading this, which you probably are not, can you give the people some new rhymes? We have heard what you have to say, but can you tell us something different now? It’s time to turn the page.

And like, I said earlier and I am going to repeat- Sarkodie has succeeded in putting Ghanaian music on the map. I take nothing away from him talent wise. But its time to flip the page. Fans like myself are screaming for something new!


3 thoughts on “Time For Sarkodie To Get New Rhymes

  1. hmmm, this is really true. sarkodie lacks better rhymes, sake of correct rhymes an.d pounchlines, #flowkingstone be the best


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