Ungrateful Bitch

Cheating Is A ChoicePardon me if you feel the heat that I am feeling in this post. My temper is so f*******g high at the moment and I am not really thinking straight. I am now sat this evening wanting revenge. And the revenge will come. We will not be walked over and treated like this.

Its never enough. Give her all that you have, give her your time, your attention. Give her every experience she craves. Take her out. Let her use and abuse you. Let her wear you thin. She will still be ungrateful. She won’t appreciate you like you deserve. You crave and want to be better for her. You crave to be what she wants and needs. The one that she calls out for in her weakest moments. So that when she needs support, you are there to pick it up, to put it back together, brand new. She doesn’t appreciate it, she doesn’t even see it.

For some very strange reasons, I have been doing so much thinking the past few days. Not sure why. Not sure what is causing me to be so inside my head. I love to dissect and analyze thoughts, life, emotions and little details. I like to think, and over think everything. And so I was quietly in my zone when the events of this evening started unfolding. You know what they say about some boys right? Yeah! Its true. Many boys can’t keep their sexual escapades to themselves and they talk. They talk a lot. But you know, the walls have ears and they listen.

I am not going to announce who she is because we are not petty, or what exactly is going on, but I am going to say this: What possesses people to do such a cowardly decision? The answer is simple. They lack intellect, spine, and morals. The action to cheat is completely immoral no matter how you put it. It is like you going into a restaurant with your family and sit at some stranger’s table instead because you liked their clothes (or something just as ridiculous as their shoes). If you are going to go with another guy, just break up with the person you are currently in a relationship with. It is that simple.

So why would you still want her? How can you love her when she is so ungrateful? You know she is not good for you. Sucking the life out of you as you put so much into her, never to be returned the way that you deserve. You are wasting your time my brother. Your money and your feelings.

cheatingShe’s fucking other guys – right in front of you and she comes and be pretending around you. Acting all sweet and innocent. She will never tell you, and all you can ever hope for, is that the walls will listen and you will find out sooner rather than later. You were not worthy of the truth. No wonder, these days, she barely has time for you because she can’t be with you and is sleeping with pretty boy. That kind of passion never quits.

Don’t worry sweet boy. She will get hers. She will get what she deserves. What you don’t even know she deserves. A spoiled ending. Leaving the worst aftertaste. Leaving her so sick she will beg for the day she had you. And you will be gone.

Obviously, I do not recommend to cheat, but I also recommend not choosing a person with a lack of intelligence. Now a smart, sensible, conscious girl won’t do that, but I am right when I say that these girls are rare to come by these days. I do not consider myself “smart” or “intelligent” but I have a heart, some wisdom, and many morals before me.

You will be with someone worthy. Someone who appreciates your value. You will give her the world and she will give you hers right back. You will make beautiful, passionate love. And with each passing day you will forget more and more of the desires you once had. You will feel blessed that you survived the plague of lost love.

And dream girl will carry on, searching. But no matter what she momentarily rests on, it will be never enough. Choosing well between who to make that relationship well with and what to do during that relationship is key. Those who cannot keep up and are not sensible are not worth your troubles.


2 thoughts on “Ungrateful Bitch

  1. Hey there!
    I just read your post and must say, that the grieve you felt while writing this might have been pretty immense, obviously. The feeling to have been betrayed on by a person you love or loved is the most disapointing thing ever. I understand your anger at this moment.
    Nethertheless I think, that there are a lot of girls out there that are faithful, loving and understanding so please don’t make that mistake in thinking that all girls are the same. No they are definately not! 🙂
    From a christian point of view the thing in relationships is that God asks and requires of us to make him the head of the realtionship. We shoudn’t be aspiring to become everything to the person we love directly, but aspire to be like Jesus, to be love for he died for us.
    selflessness is a gift from God, his love makes us able to act selfless in our relationships, you know what I mean?
    It’s quite comlicated, but I hope you get my point 🙂
    But the act of selflessness shouldn’t come only from one match of the relationship but should be a sacrifise from both.
    God says that the husbands for example should love their wifes as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her…but so should the wifes be submissive to their spous as well.
    The result is an equal relationship built on God, the direct source of LOVE.

    Disclaimer: I’m not in any way impying that what I just explained will bring fouth a perfect relationship. We shouldn’t in any way forget that at the end we are just still human. But the importand thing is that we learn to love each other in the way God has planned us to and to avoid abusive and destructive relationships.

    I hope you maybe consider this as well…

    Much love and God Bless :))


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