Hood Girl

This is one of my many feeble attempts at poetry. I call this poem “Hood Girl” and I dedicate it to all the Girls who don’t see or allow themselves to be used as sexual objects for Men to use and dump.

Hood Girl

Hood girl, Hood girl
Walking past me
With this short skirt just above her knees
I have something to tell you
So stand there and listen to me please

Hood girl, I have noticed you have taken a turn for a path
With a big bag in your hands, tattooed shoulders and small beads on your feet
Your ambition is to catch the attention of a rich guy
So he can supply you with money and an unexpected pregnancy
Maybe even sprinkled with a little HIV

Hood girl, you want to go for a ride in his car?
Can I ask you this, don’t you have a little common sense in your mind?
Your brain is probably eaten away
By the sweet lines, those rich guys say

Hood girl, can’t you see those boys smacking their lips?
As though they are ready to devour some fried chicken
And you are like KFC, selling off your body
Your breasts, legs and thighs is on the menu for today

Hood girl, after they use you, abuse and dump you,
They tell their friends all that they have done with you
And now a friend of a friend of your ex is calling your phone
Because he knows he is going to get a good finger licking

Hood girl, now your name is “shashee” all over the place
Remind me, why exactly you are doing this?
You want a new school bag every term?
But the bag that you carry every morning on your back is empty
And I wonder why, there is not a sight of any school books

Hood girl, you have your mother and father breaking their backs
Just to give you everything you want
But you lack the very thing that you need which is common sense
Because you can’t buy sense with the money, you have in your pocket

Hood girl, money can’t change your ways
It’s you that has to sit and decide for yourself
So please, hood girl, heed to my warning
For it is never too late to change
Because for your foolish actions, there are consequences

Hood girl, maybe you are looking for love
But you are searching for it in all of the wrong places
Because you won’t find it by disrespecting yourself
You won’t find it by using yourself as a sex object for men.

Hood girl, just because your skirt is above your knees
Doesn’t mean your beauty shines brighter
Have some decency and a respectable man will find you
You just wait and you will see

Hood girl, pick yourself up from the dirty floor
And come on, dust yourself off
You were created for more than this, my sister
Now decide if you want to go down this path,
And you can’t say that someone did not warn you

Hood girl, hood girl listen to me please
Because as the old saying goes, a word to the wise is enough.


7 thoughts on “Hood Girl

  1. Hey there! This was so deep and true! Your poem really caught my attention and I just couldn’t stop reading :))

    I’m looking forward reading more from you

    Much love and God bless


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