Give Respect To Earn Respect

Give Respect To Earn Respect.

Respect is something we all desire. We urge others to respect our beliefs, our feelings, our thoughts, our values and when they don’t do that, we tend to get mad with them, upset with them, which ends up in arguments and fights.

Yet to earn respect, you need to learn to give respect to others. You need to understand their beliefs and feelings. You need to listen to them too. Every human being born into this world is unique in their own way. Hence, it is important you try to understand them and respect them. Then they will in turn, respect you.

The same theory applies to any workplace or school. You need to understand what your colleagues,  boss or classmate is trying to say to you. You should not bully them. It is important to understand the reasons behind their judgments and decisions. Based on that, then you can draw conclusions. Staying patient is key. Don’t take a head start and judge.

Giving respect to others makes you special. It means you are a person who is open to ideas. Someone who is willing to learn and give something in return  or what you get.

So give respect and earn respect. Our lives are based on giving and when we do that, we get something back that will be useful to us in this life and after.

Happy New Month! Have a productive week everyone and don’t forget to respect others to earn their respect.


6 thoughts on “Respect

  1. I love this!

    The most important thing to learn in this life is that every being has a unique perspective; this perspective is the framework of our existence.

    Realizing that your life is YOUR LIFE and no one else’s, and coming to terms with your perspective which has been built on and constructed from every experience in your life, is the first step towards providing respect to oneself. Once you can respect yourself, respecting others comes a bit easier.

    Thank you for sharing and providing me with a nugget of inspiration!


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