Calling Becca An Ashawo? How Convenient!



The World Cup is over but one thing which is still lingering is the issue about Becca sleeping with some Ghanaian footballers in camp during the tournament. And of course, the hypocritical ones amongst us (especially the girls) were very quick to call her a slut, an ashawo and all manners of names on social media. Becca has since issued a public statement about the issue, denying the said story and has threatened legal action against the people allegedly smearing her name.

But lets imagine for some seconds that, those allegations were indeed true. What if its true? What if Becca actually slept with those people during the World Cup? The fact is, it takes two people to tango. So if Becca is the slut, what about the person or persons she was allegedly doing it with? What would you call them? Becca is not a small girl, so to speak. She is a matured woman who knows what she wants and has a conscience to guide her. Is it your genital organ? No! Were you fucked? No! So what is your problem? Allow Becca to thrive. Please!

I find it very interesting how, we human beings are so quick to judge and insult other people without actually having the full facts and evidence of the matter at hand.

Just the other day, twitter was set ablaze by a particular trending news article. A drunk 18-year-old woman on holiday in Spain was said to have pleasured 24 young men in a bar. All the men stood waiting for their turn and the girl received a free drink for her efforts.

“Twitter & FB Moral Society” was utterly disgusted with her actions. If she was my daughter or even my little sister, I would not be smiling at all, I would be having some serious talks with her interspersed with slaps but where is the insults for the young men queuing up to receive her services? What about the bar that arranged the event and allowed this to go on? What about the cheering, the foolish jeering crowd of young people encouraging her to go on and daring her to give it a go?

Female celebrities and women all over the world said, she would need to pray for forgiveness and that she was a disgusting human being with no morals.

Predictable– it was the girl who was ridiculed and picked to pieces on social media. Little or nothing was mentioned about the young men all standing waiting, holding onto their manhood like pathetic wannabe porn stars. Not much was mentioned either about the night club management who arranged the competition. The people who “set up” these events to bring in more punters.

Instead, all eyes were glaring at the girl. The spotlight was firmly on her. Sure, her behaviour was shocking, but the entire sexual environment, the peer pressure, the scene, the people who promote/encourage these events is more worrying and a much bigger problem. It is important to take a step back and not point the finger at one person. Branding a girl a “slut” is not going to change anything.

How have the adults, helped to manifest these behaviours in our young people today? Who is actually responsible for the sexually hyped society we live in? When did it become fun for young people to behave like porn stars in a bar? Who is responsible for instilling good moral values in the youth? These are relevant questions which need some answers.

If Becca is a slut, what will you call that 18 year old woman then?

Becca, I love your music, and don’t listen to those silly hypocrites. Keep doing what you do best (that is making good music) and watch nobody. I think, I am done here.


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