Ghanaian teenagers really need to toughen up

The problem with young Ghanaian teenagers today is that they are too soft. Those days, (I mean in the 1990s and early 2000s) young people like myself were tough. We were strong and hard as nails. My generation had the wild, strict parents, big mango climbable trees and the very wicked Primary and JHS teachers.

We had to be hard – our conditions back then demanded it. There was no room for being or acting “Dadaba” or “Deebeeish”. We couldn’t lie around all day playing X Box 360 FIFA14 and whatsapping our “idiot” friends. We were too busy reading our books, doing homework, helping mummy in the kitchen and running errands for daddy. Our “play time” was building toy cars from empty milk tins, and spinning Bic pen tops. We never had opportunities to go for drink ups, house parties and clubbing. How dare you, go stand in front of Mummy, telling her, you will come home at 2am?

But these young people today? They are so soft. And the similarity extends beyond their obesity. Most have never done any bit of hard work and wouldn’t recognize even a broom if you showed them one.

They don’t understand what it means to sacrifice or to go without eating for 2 days. For them, sacrifice is eating at a nice restaurant, fornicating with condoms or using expensive smart phones. Take away their phones, rich parents and they wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the cold hard world.

And they are emotionally soft too. Insult or scold a young person today and he will cry just to prove you right. Beating up a child when he is wrong is considered some form of abuse instead of what it is supposed to be- as a way to show him the right way.

Let’s face facts, this country Ghana is in a mess and if we ever want to return our nation to its former glory, we need to stop raising a generation of cry-babies and get back to work on hardening our bodies and our minds.

They are too too soft. That is the real problem with young Ghanaian teenagers today.


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