If I Won The Lottery

I am going to have fun with this post because I have often thought about what I would buy if I won the lottery or made a huge amount of money from playing roulette in a casino. I am allowed to dream right?

What if? What if I clocked like $100,000- $500,000? or maybe even a $1,000,000?

#1 Firstly, I will go to church, give 10% of my winnings as tithe, and then, offer unto God through the church, a Thanksgiving offering. In All Things, I Have To Give Thanks Unto God.

#2 The second thing I would do if I won the lottery is to give to various charities and orphanages across my country, Ghana. I will establish an NGO for street kids because I love kids, and sharing some of my lottery winnings with them won’t be such a big deal. I would devote my time, energy and resources volunteering and impacting into the lives of the under privileged in society.

#3 I would move out. Wean myself off my parents. I think, I am very fast approaching an age where I am ready to start my own life. I am ready to learn life’s lessons on my own and experience the world through my own adventures.

#4 Quitting school would be a very dicey decision. On one hand, chasing a degree would not be necessary as I have clocked enough money to live a good life for the rest of my life. Degree = Job = Money. I have the money so what else, but on the another hand, my parents will resent such a decision. I know they will and so I won’t quit school. I will complete school,  get the certificate and then the world is mine.

Personally, material things don’t really catch my eye. I believe in simplicity.. So yeah, a simple smartphone (preferably the latest IPhone), a sleek saloon car and a 2 bedroom house will be enough.

That’s really all I would do with the money. Whatever is left is for short term investments, long term investments, shares, establishing companies etc etc. Just because I would suddenly have money does not mean I would change my life completely. People have a tendency to let money change who they are and in my opinion, money should not have that effect on people. It is just paper and you can’t take it with you when you are gone. The memories you make and the opportunities you take are what really matters, not how much money you have. Don’t get me wrong, having money would be nice, but its not everything and I stand by that belief.

I hope my dream comes true. Can I hear an Amen? Amen!


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