What Do Lazy/ Jobless/ Ratchet Girls spend their money on?

Facebook and Twitter boys call them HOES, a term which has gained widespread popularity ever since Chris Brown and Lil Wayne released the “Loyal” track. I find that word extremely abusive against women and besides if a girl decides to have 30 multiple sex partners in a year, how is that any of your business? Anyway, one thing that I have learnt about “these girls” is that they are bad with money management.

For some reason, Ratchet girls or HOES (as you people call them) can not seem to keep any money in their pockets. But how responsible do we really expect these girls to be? If they can’t manage their p***y, then why on earth would we expect for them to manage their money. Below, I am about to show you what HOES do with their money after they get paid for sleeping with guys. I have heard countless girls talk, so trust me, I know what I am talking about.

Lets say a HOE makes 1,000ghc in 2 weeks for sleeping with XXX numbers of guys.

1. Hair:
We all know that a HOE is going to have to keep her hair on point. This is how she gets her victims. If she keeps her hair very beautiful, then it makes it easier for her to grab a rich mugu.

2. Leggings:
As a ratchet girl, multiple pairs of leggings is a requirement. They have leggings of different colors and I haven’t met a HOE yet who does not have at least 10 pair of leggings. Please, I am not saying all girls who wear leggings are HOES! Nope! Far from far. I am only saying that, leggings is what, majority of them spend their monies on.

3. Bath, Body Works, Makeups and Perfumes:
She may be a Hoe, but she can not afford to be a smelly Hoe. Most Hoes invest in their hygiene and I think normal girls can learn this characteristic from them. They keep their bodies clean, fresh, healthy and they always smell good. It’s all about trying to attract a rich girl. That is the main mission of a Hoe. You can not meet a rich mugu, if you smell really bad.

4. Cell Phone:
Hoes invest in mobile phones too, This might be one of the many bills that she pays. You have to keep your phone on as a Hoe. You can’t be a “hard to get in contact with” Hoe. It just doesn’t work like that.

5. Manicure/Pedicure:
This should have been number one, because it is also, one of the most important things that a Hoe will spend her money on.

6. Good food:
Food is essential to a Hoe’s well being. That is how a Hoe survives. If you have ever been around a Hoe, then you know what I mean. They eat very good food and live the good life.

So there you have it. Some of you may find this post, abusive and hence the need to either BLOCK or UNFRIEND me, The thing is, I am not out to victimize or insult anybody. I want this to serve as an eye opener about what really goes on in our everyday lives. I am not judging anyone. I am also not condemning or criticizing anyone too. Just be yourself BUT let your conscience be your guide. You can’t be a Hoe and be broke at the same time. Somebody needs to teach these Hoes how to do better with money because the economy, these days. And if I missed something, please list it below.

“For The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil”


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