A while ago, I saw someone write something to the effect that, you can call him a stereotype, a coward or whatever but if his friend gets HIV, he won’t hang out with him, anymore. In his words; “he should die alone”. Then another one also asked why we keep spending money to provide drugs to HIV/AIDS patients since its an incurable disease. In his words too; “we are tired of spending the taxpayers’ money on them”.

When you read thoughts like this on the worldwide web, you need a lot of discipline to keep your cool.  But now, thinking about those two thoughts expressed openly about HIV/AIDS on social media, I am not going to keep my cool anymore, I am going crazy thinking about what they said.

Its obvious that many among us have this phobia of HIV/AIDS, and really, in this information technology driven age, “these people” have no one else to blame for their ignorance. You see, the thing with HIV/AIDS is that no one goes out there with an application form to get infected. And if you are going to lecture me about how people take irrational decisions when high on alcohol and hard drugs, then please also take a seat right next to the “these people” category.  And if you are all about promiscuous behaviour, please waste no time and join the “these people” category  too.

As for the people with concerns about your taxes, you guys failed to make enough noise when the Presidential Palace was being built, you guys did not make enough noise when 22 million and a half dollars was approved as the budget of the Black Stars to the World Cup, now you want to have a go at AIDS patients. Please shut the f++k up.. Accept that you are ignorant and let us move on.

As I was saying, nobody applies for HIV/AIDS and the reality is that in Ghana, you don’t have to be infected to get affected. Whether we accept it or not, HIV/AIDS is at the office you work in, its at the school you go to, the University you attend, the Church and Mosque you worship at. HIV/AIDS is at your favorite club and public hangouts where the hunt for the “D” and “P” is at, an all time high.. HIV/AIDS stands in front of you, in the waakye queue.  It sits with you in a taxi. Its like MTN, “everywhere you go” HIV/AIDS is there. It is in your family and its in your circle of friends..

And let me tell you something, Team “these people”, you have probably already dated HIV/AIDS and did not know it. You have shared a meal with HIV/AIDS. Someone you are closely associated with, probably needs your shoulders to cry on, because they have just found out, they are HIV+ but how are they going to tell you, knowing how you say things like “die alone!” HIV/AIDS does not come with a sign or a tattoo on one’s body. It is no respecter of person. You can not determine HIV/AIDS by merely looking at a person.

“Die alone”? To whom are you saying this? Women and children get sexually abused everyday. How many women do you know? How many women do you love? God forbid, but if one of them gets raped and gets HIV/AIDS from that traumatic experience, how will you explain “die alone” to that one woman in your life?

People are still having sex without condom like there are no STDs and to top it off, they brag about it and give it all sorts of catchy names. The expression “I went in raw” readily comes to mind. Condoms are almost virtually free these days. Don’t try to hide, Team “these people” You are here saying silly things about HIV/AIDS patients and at the same time, you are the one going in without a condom. Give me a break!

My point is, learn about things before forming an opinion. People don’t realize the power of the words we speak. Words have this way of bringing things right back at you and leaving you speechless. And, in particular, learn about HIV/AIDS, get out of your own little world and see the bigger picture. No one is here to live or die alone. God forbid, but what if your next HIV test does not come back the way you think it will?

I am angry, I am ranting and I am not even sure, I have made a point but stop victimizing HIV/AIDS patients. They are human beings with families, just like you and me. I have vented and that will do for now..


5 thoughts on “HIV/AIDS Rant

  1. What really fries my bacon is that schools teach kids that a condom is the way to go for protections from AIDS/HIV. Really? A doctor in San Francisco published her findings when studying the virus, and how to prevent further spreading. In her report, she revealed that the size of an HIV virus cell versus the size of the pores in a condom was the equivalent to trying to stop a BB with a chain link fence. We’ve been lied to.

    Are we surprised?


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