Genesis. TheGhanaianBoy’s Account:

God looked at Himself in one of the heavenly mirrors and said “I am good looking”, so He said “Let us make man in our image”, and the angels started making man in His reflection in the mirror, but God was like “no, not that image”

So God created man out of dirt and breathed into him the breath of life and he was alive.

And Adam was black because he was made from soil, and you do not see no white soil anywhere. Adam was infact Ghanaian. Always late for everything. And God put Adam in charge of Eden but He realised Adam needed a helper, so He created Eve.

Eve was naked but Adam did not know that. The devil came to Eve and tempted her to eat the apple- Eve was like “are you sure about this?” Devil was like “Duhhhhh- I am sure” Eve ate the apple and realized she was naked. She started taking nude pictures, waiting for Adam to return from work.

Adam returns from work and Eve shows the pictures to him. Adam is like “Whats this??” Eve is like eat this apple and you will appreciate it better” Adam was like “no! I would lose my job” Eve replied “Your job or me??” Adam quickly ate the apple and shouted “Damn!! Eve!! you have got a really hot body!” His eyes were opened.

And God knew that Adam had disobeyed Him. And God banished Adam and Eve from the garden.



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