God forbid! I dont want a house help!

Bra Kevin Beats released a song, “House-help” where he tells us that he was using his house help as “practice” for the hood girls. Funny?? Most people don’t like the house-help idea. Growing up, my mother also hated that idea. She will cook, do laundry & clean herself. (Go Her!) We all hear stories about house helps and all the wahala, they can bring. And today, I also discovered that, they are 4 categories of house helps, you can end up with.

1. Vera:
Very beautiful. Physical assets (front and back), that can make her madam’s own assets look like a small boy. Everything she does in the house is sexually provocative. (sweeping) She cooks and does it well. Every time, Vera walks in front of her madam’s husband, her madam’s male children, or any man for that matter, she leaves them craving for her. If you employ this type of house-help, please send her packing, or file for divorce. (Your Choice??)

2. Children Beaters:
They act nice when the parents are around, but when the parents are away- they become demi gods. They beat the children, make them do their work for them or even starve them. My cousins experienced this, it was not funny

3. Thieves:
These type, make sure that when you’re not looking, your money develops wings and flies away. They steal your money and give it to their boyfriends in the hood. Such house-helps need serious beatings before they admit their offense.

4. Night Flyers:
Very Scary. These kind carry witchcraft from their villages, fly around at night, appear and disappear where needed and can terrorize you and your family. You need to be very, very, very close to God, to get rid of this kind. So just pray they never cross your path.

I am being very real here. Actually, I got the inspiration for this, from two women chatting at the Hospital earlier today (konkonsa). A house-help is a human being though, don’t mistreat them. They have families too.


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