Are You The Cheater Or The Cheatee? #LovePost

There are two sides to every relationship. Believe it or not, you have the cheater (the person who does all of the cheating) and then you have the cheatee (the person who gets cheated on.) I posed this question a few days ago: Is there a such thing as faithfulness in a relationship these days? A lot of people lied and said yes, but I don’t believe that.  With guys having wives, baby mothers, main girls and side girlfriends,  and females settling for being the side chick or his main girl, do relationships between only two people exist anymore? 

I always said that if I had to be in a relationship, then I would much rather be the cheater. I mean, seriously, who wants to get cheated on? I am not saying that I am a cheater, but I would choose that over being the cheatee. I am going to take the easy route like everyone else and blame it on our deluded culture. Why is our culture, now becoming so sex driven? The media has plagued us with this idea that we all should have multiple partners, and monogamy is for cowards. I personally would prefer the old route, where it is just me and my lover, but that seems almost impossible nowadays.

So I have to ask. Are you getting cheated on or are you doing the cheating? Often times when you speak to females they will lie and say, “I have never cheated in my life. That is a complete lie. I hate when people try to come off as perfect. What many people still fail to realize is, cheating is not only physical. What about the emotional connection that you may share with someone?

Although you are in a relationship, you still have somebody else on your mind. That counts as cheating too, because emotions are dangerous and can lead to other things. There is this misconception that all men cheat. I can not say I agree with that. Every man does not have the ability to cheat. Some men are lucky to have the one woman they have, so all men are not cheaters. Sometimes even the women are worse than men.

When we first get into relationships, everything is all good. We think we found the love of our life, and no one else matters. A few months later, when you have had a couple of arguments, and the dating has become sorta a routine, you start to get that wondering eye. Your boo is still your boo, but you can not help to wonder what it like to be with someone else. Everything that we do starts with a thought. When people start thinking about cheating, they usually end up doing so.

Then you have the people who get into relationships and are 100% faithful. I applaud these people, because they are usually the ones who get cheated on but still decide to stay. I don’t know how some people accept continuous cheating. If a person cheats on me, then there will be no talking it out. Pack your bags and leave. Like I said before, there is a cheater and cheatee in every relationship. I already said that I was not going to be the cheatee, so if you are cheating then we need to end it. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but a negative and a positive, can still be a positive.

Now that you know how most relationships work, are you cheating or getting cheated on? Don’t lie and say that you are in a committed relationship. While YOU may be in a committed relationship, your partner may be out there living the life without you..


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