Celebrities And Sex Tapes..

These days, there are sex tapes flying around everywhere on social media and the thirst to see, the nakedness of other people banging in the comfort of their homes is at an all time high.. What is triggering this craze? Its simple.. The children, teenagers and adults of today are copying blindly..

Some years ago, if your nude picture or sex tape found its way to the internet, you were considered a social outcast and nobody wanted to have anything to do with you. Countless celebrities lost their careers and endorsements as a result of this societal backlash and they were reduced to nothing..

Fast forward to today and it is quite the opposite. The likes of Paris Hilton and Farrah Abraham have all made big splashes from their sex tapes. In less than 40 years, society has changed from the point of shunning celebrities like Jayne Kennedy for having sex with her husband to handing a multi-million dollar career to Kim Kardashian for sleeping with Ray J.

Recently, “Love & Hip-Hop” “star,” Mimi Faust released a trailer for a sex tape of her and some dude named Nikko.  This news trended for days on twitter. The video ties into the season premiere of the reality show “Love & Hip-Hop” on May 5th and will be sold by Vivid.com about week before it airs.  What once ended careers , is now a calculated move by celebrities looking for that Kardashian payout.  I call it Strategic Marketing.

It does not matter what caliber of celebrity you are, as long as you can generate a buzz.  Mimi’s tape has already done that by trending on twiiter.  Her scene where she is hanging from a shower rod has taken Instagram by storm. That is all it takes to be famous in 2014.  A willing participant and a little creativity in the bedroom.

I must mention two female celebrities in Nigeria who are always in the news for releasing explicit pictures of themselves: Maheeda and AfroCandy. AfroCandy released a pornographic movie and rumors are flying around that, it sold well in Nigeria, but the Marketers ran away with her money.. Maheeda is always in the news, thanks to the Nigerian Bloggers who won’t leave her alone. She has managed to revive her dying musical career with her new found hobby of nude photography..  Strategic Marketing??

What do you think draws people to celebrity sex tapes? And just by the way, Kim Kardasian’s sex tape with Ray J is the most sold sex tape in the world..


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