It Is My Time! (2nd Year Accountancy Major)

School has started again ( 3rd week and counting) and I am really excited to be going back to school. Although I had one of the best exam breaks that I could experience, it is just that time to get back to what I love doing.

This should be a very fun semester. Even though, I want to have fun with my friends, my classes are and will be my first priority. In Level 100, I was the guy who always sat in the back of the class and barely showed up to class. Now listen, it was not because I was too busy partying or I was failing. I did not show up most of the time because everything I was learning from the textbooks and handouts were the same thing repeated in my class. I had a mind set of “why should I attend if I am learning everything I need to know from the book?”

I passed my classes and thought it would be fine. I thought this until the lecturers started to complain about how I was one of the few students with good, okay grades but never showed for class. (They eventually told me if I did not start showing on a regular basis, my final grade would be lowered) I can not blame them for doing so. This semester, I am going to attend every class even if that means taking in the same material over and over again. I can not afford to fail or trail any subjects..

Along with attending class regularly, I am hoping to make some new friends, this semester. Yes, I already have friends but every person brings something different to the table. With new friends, I hope comes a new romance. Even if it is just something light, it still will be nice to have some affection.

With most of my friends already at school, I wish you guys the best. To my friends writing the Wassce, I urge them to please have a good mindset and pass their exams. It does not hurt to have fun but you should know when enough is enough. Hard work should be put before the fun we have. To my course mates, continue doing great and lets make this semester, something to remember!!

P.S. I will still be blogging though. I can not stop. It is my passion.


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