If I Die Tonight- A #Lecrae Inspired Poem..

If i die tonight,
I pray that the time is right.
Heaven should not be far in sight,
its gold tarred streets shine very bright.

If i die tonight,
A life well lived- upright.
Hope I die a Christian knight.
I do not want to make hell.
I hate the smell and the inhabitants yell.
The torture is real, no soul can dispel.

He did a lot of wrong- Confession.
He never accepted Jesus Christ- Profession.
He wanted all the money and the fame- Obsession.
but he had a prayer mother- Intercession.

Now, he is gone- farewell.
Leaving behind his beautiful wife- Adele.
His own death, he could never foretell.
Oh Jesus! that name surely rings a bell.

His message now is simple- Repent.
Life is full of lefts and rights,
His pastor was right, so he left.
Regretting all the blasphemous words- Dissent.
Money is not everything after all- Content.
The extent of his present torment causing all this lament.

If i die tonight,
My final words will be good night.
I will meet My Maker and reunite.
It will be all joy and delight.
Angels singing, welcoming saints.
Whilst the sinners perish,
Oh Lord, have mercy on their plight.


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