Fears Of A Ghanaian Christian

I was born into a Presbyterian family, and as a little boy, I went to Sunday School. I probably went because, I thought it was just what you did on Sundays. At that tender age, I perfected my recitation of the Lord’s Prayer, mastered many hymns, sang praise and worship songs, and I was the best in my Sunday School class, when it came to “Draw Your Swords”. It was like a school, except that, this school had no pressure of getting As, nor was there, any report cards sent to your parents detailing all the demons that had been cast from you.

I grew up thinking Christianity was the only religion on Earth. In Primary School, I was oblivious to the fact that, there were other religions in existence other than Christianity. We all prayed the Lord’s prayer and shared the Grace. It was not until, one evening when I heard a prayer from the Security guard that sounded nothing like what I was used to. He had a mat laid out in front of him, and he bowed his head every few minutes while I was standing there in complete disbelief..

As time went by, I came to understand that all the while, I was in the midst of Muslims as well as Christians.. It was their Islamic names which gave them away.. By the time I got to SHS, this realization set my mind thinking.. Why Am I A Christian and not a Muslim? What are the implications of being either or friends with either??

In most Ghanaian churches back then, Islam was a relatively silent topic. And sometimes I felt, there was an indirect message to non-Christians: those who give their lives to Christ will not perish.. What about those who gave their lives to Muhammad? Whats in it for them??

Have you ever imagined or wondered why, the way this life is set up, our sole purpose of coming to earth is to prepare for death?? Growing up in Ghana as a child, these were some of the questions that ran through my mind But you dared not ask them in Church, because they were considered inappropriate We were only expected to nod our heads, wave our hands and listen to the teachings..

But as a young adult Christian now, these questions are more pressing to me. Of course, I still can not ask them for fear of being judged. I am scared to admit that, I am scared of death and the Unknown. As a Christian, I am expected to be superhuman, boldly face death, and await my Crown Of Glory..

What if (emphasis on IF) it was all a SCAM, what if after this life, it is done. Were religious stories invented to put us in a state of check and perpetual dumbness?? I heard someone say once that: Whoever is telling him of Heaven must have been there or has relatives over there, he talks to regularly??

Don’t get it twisted or judge me. I believe in God, I believe in Heaven and Hell.. I believe in Jesus Christ, who came to die for my sins and He rose on the Third Day.. I am a child Of God.. The above thoughts were from a conversation with an Atheist. That’s all..

Now, I am trying to build a personal relationship with God, and hopefully, I will encourage my kids to do same, instead of enforcing a “No Child is left behind” policy on Sundays..

Why is there so much violence in a world full of plenty religions? Personally, I don’t know but I am sure of one thing that: In this world full of evil and uncertainty, there is a Supreme Being (The Creator) watching over us and holding everything together on this earth. I hope the Atheists see the Light.. Wait! I am the Light.. A City Set On A Hill.. God is Real..


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