5 Signs He/She Is Not Into You Anymore #Love

ImageLove is waking everyday with that one person on your mind. Love is courageous, breaking all barriers and not caring what people think. It is like a drug that people with money can not buy. It puts you on a high that you don’t want to get down from. It makes your problems disappear. It makes life worth living. Love is everything and nothing less. It makes you happy and therefore makes everyone around you happy. Love is contagious.
Women tend to make an effort when it comes to love than men. So they are more likely to spot when a man is not interested in them anymore, but for those who are “blinded” by love and they can not spot those signs, I am here to help them. This is a free relationship counseling session.. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, it happens, when you first met, the two of you had excellent chemistry, but just recently you started seeing signs that he/she is no longer interested in you.

1. He/She never says much anymore.
People in a relationship  generally like talking. They want to talk and not just talk, but talk  about anything: football, women, money, school, politics etc etc with our partners. If he/she is not talking, he/she is probably talking to someone else (not exactly cheating on you with him/her but sharing YOUR talk time with someone else who is not you). But if you think he/she always been a quiet man or woman, then let move to number 2..

2. He/She rarely wants to be intimate anymore.

This is a more direct sign, but probably not noticeable if your partner is not too intimate in the first place. He stops kissing you as much or wanting to go beyond that. She does not hold you close and almost seems to be avoiding that kind of contact so much you almost forget what his/her once familiar natural body scent is like anymore.

3. He/She does not give you treats like he/she used to.
If he never (or does not often) buy you treats before you both got into a relationship then I could understand why this would be a difficult sign to spot. In extreme situations, they can forget your birthday and would not even feel the slightest remorse about it.. (Tyler Perry’s Temptations)

4. They are always tired.
Well, sometimes, it is actually true that we are tired. After the hustle and bustle during the day, the hot scorching Ghanaian sun, the little heckling and standing in long queues for public transport, the 9 hour bi-weekly lectures. What else could one expect after all things? But when “I am tired” becomes too frequent, then he/she must be either extremely lazy or and overweight like Yokosuna.. The truth is this: they does not want to do things with you and would rather have their own space. Space is good for everyone but too much is very very bad.

5.  They are always busy.
They used to want to do things with you and spend time with you but nowadays, they are always busy. Doing this or doing that. Trust me, no matter how  a person’s day is busy, if they really cared, they will give you a call or at least a “thinking about you” text message. They does not seem to care that you’re not part of any plans they make lately. Hmmm.

Partners may be exhibiting some or all of the above signs. Call me paranoid, but this is the truth staring at your face. It does not necessarily mean, he/she is cheating on you or anything but maybe you are also driving them away slowly with your action or inaction.

Please take time and study them. In the meantime, look for more “relationship facts”. Open your eyes and read through the lines.

I will do, a post on trying and working hard to change this trend in your relationship in the nearest future..


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