Diary Of A Ghanaian Househelp: E01 The Story Begins

Dear Diary,
Today is Janaury 4th and I am excited today to write my first entry into you.  Maybe I should start it off, by introducing myself to you. I am Akua Amponsah and I am from a remote village somewhere in the Central Region. I don’t know my real date of birth, but my mum believes I was born in 1992.  The village boys say I am very beautiful and it is true. I have got physical assets (front and back), that can make any other girl’s assets look like a small boy.

Well Diary, I was in the house one day, in the backyard washing the jeans of my village lover boy, James when my mother called me. She shouted “Akua” “Akua” like she has never called me before. I left the jeans in the bucket and ran to her.
Getting close to her, I recognized a familiar face. It was Auntie Pat from Accra carrying big polythene bags of what looked like provisions and loaves and bread. “Why are you standing there like a statue? ” Won’t you help your auntie with her load?” I greeted her, collected the bags from her and disappeared.

I reappeared with a glass of water, by which time the two older women had settled into a conversation. “How is Accra?” “How is work?” “How is your husband and the kids?” My auntie’s answers were the same throughout: “Everybody and everything is fine” “We thank God for that”- my over religious mum will reply. I eavesdropped and heard Auntie Pat telling Mummy that,  one of her close friends  who lives in Accra had just given birth and that since her friend,  just had another baby, they will need someone to help them.
“Auntie Pat,  you want me to do house girl work in Accra?” I asked. “No my dear Akua, this one is like assistant house take carer. None of my children will do house help work in Jesus’ name” My mum and I screamed a big “Amen!!”

A week later and diary, here I am in the big city, with  2 complete strangers to call my Master and Madam,  3 drivers, 1 gate man, and a houseboy that I have to live with. For how long? I do not know. But diary, I promise to update you on every thing which goes on in my life from now till I leave Accra.  We will share this adventure together. I can hear my madam shouting my name now and I have to go. By the way, her name is Mrs. Christine Sackey but I have to call her Auntie Christie or Madam. I have not met her husband yet though. He is on a business trip in U.S.A. Chao!!

Its @isavedhersoul on twitter and please don’t keep the comments in your head. Thank you for taking time off to read.

© Nii Aryee 2014. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from the owner/author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Nii Aryee and The Ghanaian Boy with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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